White Cliffs Walking Festival

Thursday 23rd August to Wednesday 29th August, 2018 (over the bank holiday weekend)

The White Cliffs Walking Festival aims to provide rambles for enjoyment, health and social wellbeing. Our walks aim to appeal to a diverse range of people of all ages, including children and families. In fact, Festival walks are for anyone wishing to savour the beautiful countryside we live in. Some walks start, finish, or pass through your Parish, and other walks are outside the locality but within easy reach.

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable walk leaders walk at a pace to suit each event. The programme offers 44 walks across the District, some short, some long, some in-between. We aim for each moment to be “More than a walk… an experience”.

Each walk is memorable because there is a theme to add interest. The experience may relate to the area’s history, its heritage, its archaeology, and/or its natural scenery. Some people, for example, may be more interested in a gentle stroll at Samphire Hoe to know more about the habitat and history of the area and others may prefer a more challenging experience.