Parish Clerk

Colin Tearle

Sunnylawns, Densole Lane, Densole, Folkestone CT18 7BL

01303 892621


Tony Barter

Vice Chairman

Kevin Regan


Martyn Cobb

Barry Crush

Robert Edmund

Marien Elgar (Coldred)

Mike Harris (Coldred)

Geoffrey Peagram

Iain Robertson

Carol White

Alan Williams



Councillor Allocations

Planning CommitteeCllrs Cobb, Edmund, Elgar, Harris, Robertson, Williams
Finance CommitteeCllrs Crush, Elgar, Peagram, White
Recreation Ground ForumCllrs Crush, White
KALCCllr Williams
WebsiteCllr Robertson
Footpaths,Trees and Meadow View LandTBA
Dover West Neighbourhood ForumCllr Peagram
PoliceCllrs Regan, Robertson
Village HallCllr Elgar
Health & SafetyCllr Robertson
HighwaysCllrs Crush, Peagram
Burial GroundCllrs Edmund, Williams
Dover West Neighbourhood ForumCllr Peagram


Planning Applications
Coxhill, Westcourt Lane, Westcourt Downs, The Terrace, The GrangeCllrs Robertson & Crush
Coldred Road, Shepherdswell Green, Church Hill, Moorland RoadCllrs Elgar, Harris
Mill Lane, Millfield, Moon Hill, Sibert’s Close, St Andrew’s GardensCllrs Regan & Peagram
Approach Road, Hill Avenue, Hazling Dane, Meadow View Road, Bernards GardensCllr Cobb
The Glen, Penfold Gardens, Station Road, Eythorne Road, Long LaneCllrs Edmond & White
Coldred, Upton Wood, Waldershare Park, Waldershare HouseCllrs Williams & Barter
Lydden Race Circuit and other areas not mentioned aboveCllrs Elgar & Crush