Parish Clerk


Colin Tearle

Sunnylawns, Densole Lane, Densole, Folkestone CT18 7BL

Telephone: 01303 892621


Councillor Allocations

Planning CommitteeCouncillors Elgar,Harris, Barter, Ovenden, Stockley & Roberts
Finance CommitteeCouncillors Barter, Crush, Elgar, Johnson, Roberts, Stockley, White
Recreation Ground ForumCouncillors Crush & White
KALCCouncillor Crush
Footpaths, Trees and Meadow View LandCouncillors Collier, Harris & Roberts
Dover West Neighbourhood ForumCouncillor Ovenden
Village HallCouncillor Elgar
Health and SafetyCouncillor Harris

Planning Applications

Coxhill, Westcourt Lane etcCouncillors Crush & Ovenden
Coldred Rd, Shepherdswell Green etcCouncillors Elgar & Johnson
Mill Lane, Millfield etcCouncillors Harris & Roberts
Approach Rd, Hill Avenue etcCouncillor Collier
The Glen, Penfold Gardens etcCouncillors Stockley & White
Coldred, Upton Wood etcCouncillor Barter
Lydden Race Circuit and other areasCouncillors Crush, Elgar & Stockley