The Shepherdswell & Coldred Parish Plan Association
“If you don’t know where you are going,
how will you know when you have got there?”
Following public meetings sponsored by the parish council, this association has been formed to help the parish develop a plan for the future. The association is not in competition with the parish council, our findings will help them in their work. The recent Government Green Paper suggests all future planning will depend upon local plans, so this is now particularly important. When completed the plan will be kept under review and used to influence future decisions affecting the villages. We need public participation in this process and so are asking you this question?
Are there important issues for the villages of Shepherdswell and Coldred to resolve. If so what are they? Do you have any views on how the issues you identify should be realistically resolved?
We have to ask the right questions to get some useful answers. Please help us. 
We are:       Terry Hunt              Chair
                    Peter Stebbings      Treasurer
                    Dinah Sloggett        Secretary
Ben Brothwell    Steven Durbidge     Marien Elgar     AdamKent     Alex Leech     Mark Page     Geoff Peagram     Jonathan Sloggett      Melanie Smith
Any member of the committee will be pleased to discuss the village plan with you.
          Written replies can be delivered to:
          The Post Office, Church Hill; or
          1 The Terrace, Westcourt Lane; or
          The Carpenters Arms, Coldred. 
          If you would prefer to use email, send your reply to:
If you belong to any village organisations we hope they will be discussing this soon. You can ask them to forward your ideas.
We welcome new members of the association. Once we get some initial feedback we will need further help to formulate some detailed questions.



Results from the Parish Plan ‘Drop in Session’ held in Shepherdswell Village Hall on Saturday 13th March 2010